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St. Patrick's Daytons

We're Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style at Dayton. Come to the Lumberman's Social Club @ the Dayton Factory & Showroom this Saturday March 17, 2018 and receive a little luck of the Irish.From 10am until close, we'll have in-store specials and be tasting Dayton's Logger beer.  You'll also be registered to win a very exclusive pair of St. Patrick's Daytons.  1 of only 17 pairs of special edition Service Boots we'll be making for the occasion.  Register/RSVP

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Making the Dayton Service Boot.

At Dayton we've been doing things pretty much the same way for 70 years. We believe the way we make our boots makes them some of the best built boots in the world and so we wanted to take the opportunity to show you just what goes into making a pair of our Service Boots. If you follow us on Instagram, you'll have noticed us posting some short videos of some of the individual steps in making a pair of Service Boots, but we wanted to show the whole process from end to end, so we've put together a video that showcases almost every step in the production process from cutting all the way to final finishing. We hope you...

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Nice Boots

  The Dayton Service Boots in Charcoal As the end of 2015 quickly approaches, the voice in my head, which sounds exactly like Ned Stark, keeps telling me that ‘Winter Is Coming!’  Men, it is time to put your flip flops and sneakers away. Leather.  Manly.  Stylish.  Protective..   What more could any man ask for?  Our Dayton leather boots are one of the few things in this world that achieve cross-purpose benefits.   Footwear is the foundation of your everyday life, whether you take that as a literal meaning - knowing that your footwear is what connects you to the ground and transfers the load of your body weight, or perhaps considering that what you put on your feet is...

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Hey Ladies!

It’s that time of year again when we are moving from our lovely sun-drenched summer season and beginning to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for what’s to come.  The leaves have changed and begun to fall as has the temperature leaving a delightful chill in the air, reminding us that it’s time to put away the flip flops and rejoice…IT’S BOOT SEASON!  Yayyyy! There are a few essential items that every woman needs in her closet - items that never go out of style despite the increasingly growing movement of fast fashion where trends don’t stand the test of time, or even a week.  There’s the little black dress and the timeless wool coat we bring out each season, but...

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DAYTON SERVICE BOOT in BOURBON Flexible.  Strong.  Durable.   Functional.  Versatile.  And of course, beautiful.  These are just a few words that describe the incredible, for lack of a better word, “fabric”, oh, and Dayton Boots as well! Here at Dayton we take great pride in  our products.  We use the highest standards possible in considering the components and materials we use, and in choosing the manufacturers we entrust to produce these materials for us.  From the CSA approved soles, to the cork used to provide comfort and cushioning, to the 6-7.5oz Full-Grain leather used for upper of a boot or shoe, only the best is good enough. Dayton has always worked with top leather tanneries to provide us with the...

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