Dayton Boots

Any 2 Pairs of Brogue Parade Boots

$946 CAD $1,590 CAD

Crisp, precise stitching makes this elegant urban lace-up boot versatile in its style and fit. Derived from the army Parade boot, this boot innovates a classic pattern with its silhouette and durable craftsmanship. 

With a sole built and tested for the highest level of comfort and a grip that never fails, you'd be hard pressed to find another boot quite like it.

  Standard Features:

  • Goodyear welted sole
  • Fully lined
  • Dayton stamp on quarters
  • Brogue detail on quarters and toe cap
  • Pecan Brown Chrome, Black Chrome or Charcoal Nubuck
  • Vibram 430 mini lug outsole
  • Biltrite full heel

"When buying shoes, choose a reputable brand, and don't just buy one pair: buy TWO pairs.  Then wear them on ALTERNATE DAYS. This will at least TRIPLE the normal wear for each pair.  Why? Because in spite of the personal conviction of everyone in the fragrance of his own feet, all feet sweat and exude acids which, by cumulative effect, tend to rot the shoes from within. Giving them a 24 hour layover allows sufficient time for these corrosives to disperse. Two good pairs of shoes worn this way will outlast half a dozen pairs when each is worn continuously. Try it."

  - Wayne Wohlford, Dayton Founder.

  Standard configurations include:

  • Black Chrome
  • Brown Chrome
  • Charcoal Nubuck

   Protect your boots (additional charges will apply):

  • Epoxy toe cap

   Note: Brogue Parade boots are only available in Dayton sizes 5E-14E and 6EEE-14EEE


Dayton Boots fit similar to UK sizing. This typically means one size down from your standard North American size. **** IE: NA 8 would be a Dayton 7 ***

At Dayton Boots SIZE MATTERS. We offer three sizing options; size yourself, remote fitting and in store fitting.

If you already own a pair of our boots or are confident in your size you can size yourself. Remember your Dayton size is one down from your normal North American size.

If you are unsure of your size but can’t make it to our store we can remotely fit you via our online sizing exercise. All orders will receive a sizing exercise after purchase. Please note on your order that you would like sizing assistance.

For in store sizing, place an order by picking one size down from your normal North American size and note that you’d like to come into the factory store and have our experienced staff confirm your Dayton size.

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