Follow these boot care tips to ensure your Dayton Boots stay in the best condition, and they'll last you for years.

  1. Only use Dayton's OK Oil for your footwear - using other, non-natural foot care products may void the warranty
  2. Regularly remove all mud, dirt, concrete, etc, from your boots. Over time these items will deteriorate the boot materials.
  3. Do not put your boots in front of a direct heat source.
  4. If you wear insoles, remove them from time to time to air out your boots

Breaking in your Daytons

Dayton Boots are hand-crafted with premium leather, which means breaking in your boots will take a little extra investment of your time and patience.

Your investment will ensure your boots will give you the ultimate comfort for years to come.

Tips on breaking in your boots

  • Pre-treat the product with Dayton OK Oil or some premium leather care product
  • Wear them for no more than 2-3 hours the first few times and every other day
  • Utilize boot trees between use
  • Gradually increase your wearing time to your comfort zone
  • Continue to treat your product with Dayton Boots OK Oil or other premium leather care product