Engineer Boots ready for finishing.

Our 12 single buckle and 13 double buckle engineer boots made on our classic 64 logger last in @horweenleathers black chromexcel both ready for finishing

This is a Dayton classic that we've been making since the late 60's.  Marlon Brando wore an Engineer boot in the 1954 movie "The Wild One" and it has been a top choice motorcycle boot ever since.  Brando apparently picked his own wardrobe for the movie.  There is debate as to whether he wore a Chippewa or Westco boot in the movie.  Harley Davidson was successfully sued by his estate in 2012 to stop them cashing in on sales of their Brando boot.

Our version has the classic bump toe of our first logger last; the 64.  It is generous fit that we build standard in D and EE widths.  We generally build stock in a 6-6.5 ounce black Chromexcel® leather from Horween.  Although, we often make them in our brown loggertan from Seidel.  We do a 12" version with a single top buckle or a 13" with a double buckle.  They come standard with a double midsole but we often do thick nailed construction soles for riders who want a little extra weight and leg length. 

Regardless of your preference, the Engineer is a spectacular boot that is both functional and looks great.