Dayton vintage truck one of Vancouver's memorable 'billboards'

Dayton Boots' 1940 Ford pickup was featured the Vancouver Sun today in an article about vintage trucks and vehicles in Vancouver.

Dayton Boots' 1940 Ford pickup truck

Vintage vehicles one-of-a-kind billboards

And if you’re shy about promoting your business, nothing breaks the ice like a great classic car

Vancouver’s Dayton Boots, established in 1946, has one of Vancouver’s best loved neon signs — Boots by Dayton — above its East Hasting Street factory and store. It’s hard to miss this building with the company’s red 1940 Ford one ton pickup parked outside.

Business partner Hall Risk uses the 73-year-old pickup truck every day to commute from his False Creek home. Dayton partner Stephen Encarnacao bought the pickup truck four years ago. It was originally the fire chief’s truck in the Fraser Valley community of Langley.

“When we drive the truck on Hastings Street, people jump up and down, clap and cheer,” Stephen says. “This truck was already in use when Dayton Boots started business in 1946 and it represents what the brand stands for: quality and durability.”

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