Vintage adverts for Dayton Boots

These vintage Dayton adverts are an original series from the 1940s and 50s, commissioned by Dayton Boots and drawn by Fraser Wilson. 

They show the humour and camaraderie that has long been associated with the brand and its devotees.

I can wear my Daytons again

A logger looks forward to waking up in eight hours, so he can wear his Daytons again.


Sure gets a kick out of his Dayton '64s!

This advert shows the Loggers football team wearing Dayton '64s as football boots - something modern-day footballers would surely balk at wearing on the field.

Vintage Dayton advert




Loggers come from many different lands, but they have one thing in common: their Daytons!

This vintage Dayton advert would be unlikely to pass current advertising standards scrutiny.


Dayton tops them all!

Dayton Boots were originally made by loggers, for loggers. This vintage advert shows a logger up the tree in a pair of '64 Linemans.


Ignore him, he just wants us to notice his new Daytons

A new pair of Dayton Boots have always been something to show off.

Ignore him, he just wants us to notice his new boots

My dogs ain't barkin', they're wearing their Dayton '64s

For those people who treat their dogs like one of the family, nothing but Daytons are good enough for them.


Man he was lazy before he tried Daytons

A new pair of Dayton Boots is can turn a worker around.


No slip-ups for me, not with my Dayton '64s!

The optional caulking (spikes) on the bottom of your Daytons help survive the long Canadian winters.


Woulda been killed if he hadn't been wearing Dayton '64s

Many people over the years have told us their Daytons have saved their lives.



Wishing you a merry Christmas

Festive wishes from Dayton, with Santa Claus in a pair of Dayton Boots.