Which Dayton Boots style is best for me?

Leather.  Manly.  Stylish.  Protective..   What more could any man ask for?  Our Dayton leather boots are one of the few things in this world that achieve cross-purpose benefits.  

Footwear is the foundation of your everyday life, whether you take that as a literal meaning - knowing that your footwear is what connects you to the ground and transfers the load of your body weight, or perhaps considering that what you put on your feet is the underpinning of your outfit for the day, or for the night.  What you choose to put on your feet could be the determining factor as to what you will do throughout your day.  Regardless of your intent, your footwear is your foundation and luckily comes in countless styles, shapes and colors.

Here at the original Dayton Boot factory at 2250 East Hastings St. in Vancouver, we make some of the best quality, beautiful and stylish made-to-order leather boots on the market.  We’ve got what you’re hunting for.

Two of our most popular boots are the Service boot and the Parade boot.  These are our versions of the ‘Derby’ boot, a truly classic style that is more of a casual look, distinguished by eyelets stitched on top of the vamp and has open lace front panels and made on our 11377 last based on an old Canadian Military design.  There are no rules, but generally these are not worn with suits, but look great with a nice pair of jeans rolled up at the hem.  

The Dayton Service Boot With Toe Cap

If you are needing something a bit fancier to take your suit to the next level, a Chelsea style boot will never be off point.  The Dayton Romeo or Ranchero are two beautiful options.   First made in 1962, The Romeo, an easy off and on low pull boot, was originally designed for hard working fisherman.  Immaculate, strength-tested leather provides a simple, innovative design.  The Ranchero on the other hand, cleverly breaks away from office drab by incorporating a Western toe with the classic low pull on style of a Chelsea boot.



                                     The Dayton Romeo                         The Dayton Ranchero

Looking for something a little more rough around the edges or a boot that has a bit of attitude and says ‘adventure’?  Try Dayton’s Rebel,  Low Rider, or Beauty, each with its own distinguishing features.  The Rebel has the always cool square toe and ankle strap, the Low Rider has a more rounded toe and decorative buckles, and the consistently most popular Beauty, is well, beautiful.  The Black Beauty to many Dayton customers is the only choice when they refer to their "Daytons".  This was the boot that got banned in Bars all across western Canada and the Pacific North West and garnered Dayton its infamous reputation.   



                                          The Dayton Rebel                          The Black Beauty