Flexible.  Strong.  Durable.   Functional.  Versatile.  And of course, beautiful.  These are just a few words that describe the incredible, for lack of a better word, “fabric”, oh, and Dayton Boots as well!

Here at Dayton we take great pride in  our products.  We use the highest standards possible in considering the components and materials we use, and in choosing the manufacturers we entrust to produce these materials for us.  From the CSA approved soles, to the cork used to provide comfort and cushioning, to the 6-7.5oz Full-Grain leather used for upper of a boot or shoe, only the best is good enough.

Dayton has always worked with top leather tanneries to provide us with the finest quality leather for our customers.   We want your boots to last a lifetime.  We want the fibers of the leather to be strong and durable, yet soft and supple.  We want the leather to breath, and mould and bounce back to the shape of your foot.  We want the leather to develop a beautiful patina, with no signs of wearing out, so for this quality we need great products and great partners.  Today, we are proud to work with Horween Leathers and Seidel Tanning Corp. both in Illinois.

All of our boots are made with 6-7.5oz Full-Grain leather.  Why?  Because a thicker 6-7.5oz leather is strong. Because despite being the best fabric used to make footwear, leather has an Achilles heel.  Leather, like our own skin is very porous and can be easily affected by weather, temperature and in particular moisture.  Full-grain leather is found directly below the hair of the animal where the grain pattern is as tight as well ... as tight as it can be.  This tightness is why full-grain leather is very good at ‘giving the hand’ to moisture, and when a top quality leather conditioner such as OK Oil is used, an ALMOST waterproof effect results.  ( * No leather can be fully waterproof.)  Full-grain also means that the leather has not been messed with.  Not sanded or buffed to remove imperfections or other marks on the surface of the hide.  By not “messing” with the natural properties of the hide, the natural strength, flexibility, breathability, durability and any other word ending in “bility” remain in-function and intact.

We want you to know what type of leather we use and who we get it from.  We believe in our products and our partners and we want you to as well.