Vancouver film industry

Dayton Boots has enjoyed a strong connection with the film, television and music industry throughout the years, with celebrities and industry people stopping by the factory store whilst working in 'Hollywood North'.


Dayton played a direct role in the 1995 film of the Chris Van Allsburg classic book Jumanji. Directed by Joe Johnston, then Dayton President Ray Wohlford served as a consultant and Dayton Director of Manufacturing, Tony Reale and his staff played as extras in the film. The design and layout of the fictional Parish Shoe Factory featured in the film was actually adapted from the Dayton Boot Factory at 2250 East Hastings in East Vancouver. To this day, there are still Parish Shoe Boxes in storage at Dayton Boots.


Dayton designed the X-boot for the X-files crew, whilst they were filming the earlier series up in British Colombia. They needed a boot which could withstand the rigours of filming and still look good, and the boot was so popular that we continue making it still.

Celebrity favourite

Since Dayton pays no product placement fees, the Dayton reputation for authentic quality and durability is the principal reason for a strong word-of-mouth following of a long-list of proud Dayton Boot owners in the entertainment industry like: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Robin Williams, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Kurt Russell, Lou Diamond Phillips, Harry Connick Jr., Brendan Fraser, Lorenzo Lamas, Darryl Hanna, and Alyssa Milano to name but a few.

a few Dayton wearing celebrities