No Daytons allowed

Dayton Boots are renowned for being tough - so tough that they were often banned from bars because they were sure to be at the centre of trouble. The 'No Daytons allowed' posters used to be common in British Colombia bars. 

As legend would have it, in the 50's, loggers flush with their hard earned wages were not always welcome patrons in British Columbia's bars and saloons. Loggers would very often arrive clad in their Dayton calked logging boots after days in the forests of British Columbia. As you might expect, after weeks in the brush and many rounds of alcohol, tempers would flare and serious fights were very common place. As the tale goes, the ever popular Dayton Boot served as a dangerous weapon often causing serious damage to the combatants.

The primary, more substantiated source of 'No Daytons Allowed', legend was derived from the early 60's. Back then, Daytons emerged as the premier choice for serious motorcycle bikers in the Lower Mainland. Often clad fully in leather and sporting the double sole engineer or Black Beauties, hard-nosed bikers began showing up in local drinking establishments where on occasion their Daytons served as an improvised stomping weapon in bar fights.

Legend or not, soon bar owners made it very clear. Enough! In their minds, customers wearing Daytons were an early predictor of potential trouble and thus any patrons wearing Dayton were no longer welcome. For the next twenty five years, signs were created and posted extensively in drinking establishments throughout British Columbia effectively restricting Dayton Wearers from entering.

Today, the ban on wearing Dayton's or 'No Daytons Allowed' seems to have all but disappeared along with the original Dayton logger tale into cultural history for good. Despite our extensive field research efforts throughout British Columbia, we could find no evidence of posted signs in any drinking establishment warning: 'No Daytons Allowed'.

The 'No Daytons Allowed' ban seems to have disappeared once and for all.

So feel free to wear your Daytons anywhere!