Custom made boots

More than half of the boots we make in the Dayton factory store are custom made boots. Our experienced craftsman can build the boot to your design - the hard part is you choosing from the array of different options. What would your ideal boot look like?

Custom made boots with sand roughoutChoose your ideal custom made boot design from this range of options.


Choose the shape of your boot from our selection of classic styles.


We use a range of leather colours and types. If you have a particular request - such as the sand roughout shown or your team's favourite colours - just let us know and we'll try to track it down.

Height (shaft)

The height of the shaft can be adjusted from 6" to knee-high... or beyond!


You can replace the standard toe with a 'straight tip', also know as XXX.

Heel (counter)

The inside structure of the heel can either be created with leather or fibreboard.

The outside of the heel can be made with a different type of leather from the rest of the boot to create a contrast.


Choose from leather or Vibram lug sole, or a combination. Leather soles can be treated with ink or a natural Shellac. We can give the boots single, double or triple soles.

We have a limited number of vintage Cat's Paw heels and soles available on request.

Pull tabs

We can add single or double pull tabs to your boots to make them easier to pull on.


Leather laces are making a big comeback and give urban boots a stylish edge. However some work boots are more effective with non-leather alternatives.

Ordering your custom made boots

You can make many of these changes directly when ordering your boot online: once you specify your changes the total cost will be adjusted accordingly.

For more complex changes and special requests, contact the factory store and we'd be happy to discuss them with you.